AS A MAN THINKETH SO IS HE. Proverbs 23. 7 / 27:19

For so many of us – business, work (of all types and description) and or study dominates our lives -so much so that we have little time for reflection.

The pace of life and the changes seem to stream through and you go with the flow or get knocked down by the wave.”You just got to roll with the punches”. So when do you ever get a chance to think – hey what actually is going on, am I, are we , where we should be? Am I really what I could be?

I heard a wonderful expression a long time ago that made me think –
“we are so busy climbing the ladder that we forget to check whether it is on the right wall” – not sure who this was by but it is powerful.

How do we personally evaluate our own success, whose measures do we use as a checklist and what outcomes are our incentive and inspiration.Where does your motivation come from?
What do you attribute your success or apparent lack thereof too? Genes, upbringing, situation, others?
How do you measure your accountability?

If you have lost your position, job or your role has changed around you – Is your identity so linked to your role that you have become directionless- paralyzed; not able to even consider a life outside of that Title, Role …?

Time, Talent and Treasure – three gifts that we all receive. There are two ways that we personally journey through life – using or even exploiting the gifts we are given with results and outcomes we are either happy with or not; or we spend some ,part or all our life seeking to discover what and how to use these talents wisely and effectively.

These questions and many more prompt my blogs,a quest if you like – you are welcome to share your suggestions and questions.


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