Unleashing the Crazy Ones at Work—3 Leadership Skills You Need to Get Started

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Innovative employeeSteve Jobs famously said, “Here’s to the crazy ones . . . while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Michael Lurie, VP of Enterprise Solutions at The Ken Blanchard Companies, likes this quote because it speaks to the essence of what made Apple and many others into great companies. Interviewed in the June issue of Blanchard Ignite, Lurie explains that in today’s open-market environment we need agile, change ready organizations—and leaders.

As Lurie shares, “The leadership style that most people were trained in years ago—certainly leaders over 40—was designed to avoid and prevent disruption. What we have today is an environment where leaders need to embrace disruption, see the opportunities it presents, and step forward boldly to shape the future.”

New Leadership Capabilities…

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Business is a sport and a war.

Our modern economy was borne through people who risked life and limb to travel and develop trade and industry,forging new connections across the world, discovering valuable commodities. People who saw opportunity when others only saw risk opened these New Frontiers. Trade routes became the lifeblood of civilizations and through Traders knowledge of other civilizations spread across the world connecting the Middle East to India, Europe and beyond.

Key to the trade networks of the ancient world was the trade in bronze. Naturally such a valuable commodity introduced stiff competition and with this the struggle to control its supply in the markets. Inevitably this led to the birth of modern day warfare. Mankind’s struggle for resources created the first empires. Thutmose the Third built a new army of 12000 troops. In this call to arms were trained professional, fierce soldiers and warriors. Accompanied with the birth of a new device- the chariot,a new warrior -skilled – the chariot Archer and, the image on the battlefield of this new weapon combination -the dust cloud caused confusion and struck terror in the enemy. The age of mass warfare had begun. An empire is built as far as the circuit of the sun.

New technology and new tactics introduces a new style of leadership – leading from the front. Perhaps for the first time men seeing their leaders going upfront to face the battle, these leaders needed new abilities. Tactics and strategies that changed dynamically during the course of the battle. Managing men on the move who could travel distances, independently further and faster than ever before. All had to step up their game,change their approach – respond faster. The scribes record this as a key turning point as great warlords were defeated and Thutmose the Third outwitted and dismantled the largest coalition, through wit, bravery and fortitude. One man can now control the lives of millions. Man with the power of a God. But even that era of the God king drew to a close. Time is not a friend of complacency.

Leadership and Innovation unlocked the keys to controlling our destiny; fire,farming,communication,building cities, pioneering trade and the art of war.New technology transforms our future but requires new rules. New ideas for new people and a new Age requires New Leaders.

Today Trade connects the world like never before. It creates areas of specialization, diversity and variation. New opportunities that can be captured for growth and development,scope for businesses and people with different abilities.

Do you know what chariot you need to harness to gain the advantage? Do you have the skilled archer to scope and target your opportunity and do you have the men and woman that will follow through? Are you that new leader leading from the front?

Is Newton Holding Your Business Back?

Sir Isaac Newton opened our eyes to a universe of order, regularity and predictability which led to the onset of discoveries that included the age of machines.
Communicating Your Vision
The then New Science and machines enabled us to reduce everything to smaller parts that we could “Fit” things together and make them “Work”. So we designed , structured and organised our work by “functional parts” then we ” separated these functions with the “disciplines” of knowledge to control and direct our performance.

Envisioning An Outcome2
For almost 300 years we have structured increasingly elaborate organisational machines (groups, holdings, mergers etc) constructing defined boundaries around which we could build the strong walls of identity. We constantly move our organisational pieces around (restructure) to respond to the environment as we collect and gather vast amounts of growing data. We try to consider and assess the meaning of the bigger picture through a multiplicity of complex variables , predicting scenarios against which we can then apply more sophisticated ratios to understand the cause and effects. In this way we can plan to overcome “barriers” and remain “agile”.

There is only one variable however that consistently refuses to play ball (sphere?!) in this newton world – people.
Three team members
More specifically Customers, Stakeholders and Staff – their associated behaviours, skills, knowledge, communications and relationships do not fit this mould. So even more techniques and technology is required to “drive motivation” (MBO,performance Appraisals); “force” them to align (Crm, Resource Planning,scheduling,Performance Improvement Plans).

Whilst business may reside in the objectivity and measurability of the newtonian world, people seem to belong more to the quantum realm. The emphasis on diversity, “think global , act local” are more quantum perceptions of reality.


Our daily activities weave threads of inter-connectedness everywhere at every moment swimming across systems within our organisations leaving a profound impact on unconnected parts (environment, brand, reputation, production, sales), previously unseen (word of mouth) is now highly visible (social media) leading to large system change (transformation). We now readily talk of

Perception is Reality.

The Power to influence and change now rests in the finger tips on smartphones, tablets and numerous electronic devices.

Is there a sense of irony that the fragmentation (reducing everything to its smallest parts) is now the radical emerging commercial reality of facebook, twitter, viadeo etc. driven further by forces of consumption economics? As social media begins its reign does it prompt organisations to consider their own systems and inter-connectedness?

Does the new technology that can accommodate structured and unstructured data (but needs data scientists to identify and interpret the unseen patterns – fractals) hidden within the labyrinth of structures, data warehouses and knowledge repositories increase our teams ability to respond in this changing world or does it provide managed information to the top of the organisation which then has to trickle all the way down? Where talent and potential needs to be sourced and nurtured, innovation harnessed and magic desired – how do you prevent the structured order from destroying the creativity?

Understanding Your Supporters

People are our greatest asset

– So is their value shown on the balance sheet or are they still just an expense to the bottom line? What other options do you have if this Newtonian approach is holding your business back?

So What Does Genius Leadership Look Like?

Servant Leadership

“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

A leader must focus on developing the team’s performance rather than on their personal results. So how do great leaders develop and motivate their teams and lead them to levels of outstanding performance? Listen to InnerMetrix CEO and Founder Jay Niblick, author of What’s your Genius How The Best THINK For Success and The Profitable Consultant shares how through the insight and knowledge you can obtain from the new Revolutionary IMX Advanced Insight Tool can baseline where you are as a Leader and how the Genius Workshops can develop your Genius Leadership Skills.

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”
Lao Tzu

What Does Your Leadership Look Like?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams

Communicating Your Vision
A great deal of intelligent and credible research, and no doubt your own personal experience, highlights the fact that people’s performance is often directly related to the leadership behaviour demonstrated by their manager.

Inspiring Others
So as a leader, what you do to set the example to your staff and what you promote through your behaviour gets witnessed by your colleagues, peers and clients and therefore, is of the utmost importance.

Understanding Your Supporters

Leadership Skills can be learned and developed and the more insight we have into our intrinsic values and behaviours the more consciously we are able to deal with situations differently. What is your Leadership Profile score?. Once you have received your completed profile, click here to arrange your feedback session.

A Different Type of Leadership Course
This programme is based on the Innermetrix Leadership Tools, and is likely to be a little different from other leadership programmes you may have been on. You will be required to complete an Advanced Insights Profile in preparation for the course which will provide you with very personal insights into your own leadership attributes.

Genius Leadership Course Outline Summary

This course has been designed to help you make the most out of these personal insights, allowing you to close any gaps between where you are and where you ultimately want to be as a leader.It guides you through the seven secrets of inspiring and motivating others. Understanding your supporters.

Listen to what InnerMetrix Founder Jay Niblick and MD Allan Miller have to say about the Genius Leadership Course Click Here

Interested in attending a workshop – register your interest here for the next dates and locations.

Is it Poor Communication or Emotional Intelligence that impacts on your performance?

For years, people have taught that a person’s intellectual intelligence is the greatest predictor of success. In the past 10 years, however, researchers have found that this isn’t necessarily the case – that in actuality, a person’s emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) might be a greater predictor of success than his IQ. What is emotional intelligence? When Drs. Mayer, Ph.D., and Salovey, Ph.D., introduced the term “emotional intelligence”, they used the term to describe a person’s ability
to understand personal emotions and the emotions of others and to act appropriately based on this understanding.

Three team members

Deborah J Barratt in her book “Leadership Communications” comments as follows: “Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capacity to understand your own emotions and those of other people”. She goes on to say that emotions are contagious and that research has shown that emotions have a 50-70% impact on the workplace culture and this influences 20-30% of business performance. EI is the single most influential factor that sets apart top leadership from low level performers. So focusing on developing these attributes can not only improve your communications but your career prospects.

7 Attributes of Emotional IntelligencenoPICTURES

So what are these attributes and is it worth identifying areas to work on?

There are 7 attributes of Emotional Intelligence and a combination of skills that can be learned (Communication, Interpersonal; and Social Skills) and intrinsic aspects to what makes us who we are (Self Awareness , Social Awareness, Self Management and Personal Motivation). Some of us have more insight into these than others.
All of these can be worked on. Skills can be learned and the more insight we have into our intrinsic values and behaviours the more consciously we are able to deal with situations differently. What is your EQ score?

So Why Bother?

Well what ever our roles we are all in the sales business in every aspect of our lives. Presenting ourselves at interviews, meetings, at parties. Being an ambassador for our team, our work, our company or presenting the credentials and success of our projects. Even at home we need to put the best foot forward for our children when we want them to get into that school or that play!

So what if any are common elements?

People Buy from People, especially People they know or like and definitely People pay attention to people who they believe have something important to say to them. People buy and pay attention for their reasons, not ours . So how well do you communicate your message and do you establish rapport early on. Do you understand how you affect others and how best to respond to the needs of the others?

Stephen Covey, in his book The 8th Habit, discusses a poll of 23,000 employees from various companies and a diverse range of industries. The findings were shocking:

Only 37 % had a clear understanding of what their organization was aiming to achieve
Only 20% were enthusiastic about their team’s and their organization’s goals
Only 20% understood how their tasks contributed to the organization’s goals
Only 20% fully trusted the organization they worked for
Only 15% felt that their organization enabled them to contribute to the key goals

Impact of Poor CommunicationwoutIMX

Covey made the impact of this much clearer by using a football metaphor. He said: “If, say, a soccer team had these same scores, only 4 of the 11 players on the field would know which goal is theirs. Only 2 of the 11 would care. Only 2 of the 11 would know what position they play and know exactly what they are supposed to do. And all but 2 players would, in some way, be competing against their own team members rather than the opponent.”
This shocking data illustrates the impact of poor communication.
If the same survey was run in your organisation or worse still in your team would the results be any different?

Memorable Communications

This InnerMetrix Assessment can help you answer that question.

IMX (InnerMetrix) makes the world-breaking science research  created by Robert S Hartmann available to us in our everyday . Those questions that drive our own personal success, motivates others  and ultimately drives performance and profits in business.

“How can I build better relationships?    What Really Drives my Performance?      How can I identify what  I am  really good at?      What are my natural talents ?     How can I get the best from  my team?”

The science of formal axiology, developed by Robert S. Hartman, provides rational answers. Our values are the keys to our personalities, to self-knowledge, and to understanding others. The Hartman Value Profile discloses our underlying values and our personalities. It is immensely useful in psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, business consulting, employer-employee relations, ethics, religion, and everywhere that values matter.

To find out more about where how your business compares on the 11 core dimensions of organisational performance or team assessments, Workshops to release the Genius in your leadership, customer service or sales teams? Call Lee at the IMX team on +442034404290.

World Trade Center Association Global News Round Up October

World Trade Center London announces the exclusive Strategic Alliance to boost the EU/China trade

London, United Kingdom  World Trade Center London, a family member of 390 WTCs in 330 cities, 100 countries worldwide, officially announced today the exclusive Strategic Alliance with Ampac Rim International, Inc. a California company in the U.S., to assist companies in the UK and EU develop and expand their international trade with China.

China, the second largest economy in the world, has seen the most dynamic economic growth in the past 30 years. To catch up with the ambitious national economic development plans, China is more eager than before to upgrade its technology and manufacturing industry by increasing imports of high & new-tech industrial and commercial products. Given the EU/China trade exceeding US$ 546 billion in 2012, EU becomes the largest trade partner with China today and UK  firms stand a good chance of sharing in a piece of  this great potential market . This Strategic Alliance offers specialized and significant resources with the expertise  in the EU and China marketplace.

“We are very proud to form this exclusive Strategic Alliance. We consider China as one of the most important strategic markets for development in the world today” said Rita Spada, Chief Executive of World Trade Center London. “With the well-established and extensive business network and marketing channels housed under the roof of the WTCs,  I am confident that the valuable inclusion of  the unique, professional services  of Ampac Rim International augmented by the portfolio of expertise of our current partners in WTC London, we can facilitate and accelerate significant and meaningful business developments with China for the years to come ” added Rita Spada.

“The Strategic Alliance is a milestone for all of us and we are very proud to join force with World Trade Center London in facilitating and promoting the international business between UK, the EU and China.” said Stephen Chan, President of Ampac Rim International, Inc. “Capitalizing on over 25 years of the first-hand experience and industry expertise from the China operations by Global 500 and Fortune 500, along with unique relationships with the senior management of the leading Chinese state-owned monopolies, the Alliance will initially be primarily focused on aerospace, petrochemical, oil & gas, electronics & information technology, aviation suppliers (aircraft parts for leading Chinese state-owned airlines) and other key sectors given high priority by the Chinese government” noted Stephen.

News Letters for China Trade Service Program are available upon request.

About World Trade Center London

World Trade Center London, one of the 390 licensed global members of the World Trade Centers Association,established in 1970 and headquartered in New York, “opens doors” to a global network of 330 city to city connections in 100 countries on 7 continents, each an iconic landmark in the cities they serve.  (www.worldtradecenterlondon.com)

Over 750000 business members worldwide, large and small benefit from the  “one stop international business service centre’s” that offer a portfolio of matchmaking, market entry, office accommodation and business development advice services to individuals and companies to launch, promote or develop their business beyond  borders. (www.wtcaonline.com)

About Ampac Rim International, Inc.

Incorporated in California (1990), Ampac Rim International, Inc, an international business development and management company, specializes in the U.S./China trade and project services including China import & export, sales & marketing initiatives, supply chain management and logistics support for both high-tech and consumer products. (www.ampacrim.com)

The senior management has an average of over 25 years of first-hand experience and industry expertise that draws from the China operations by Global 500 & Fortune 500 in such fields as: joint ventures (high-tech manufacturing), contract negotiation & execution, marketing & sales, contract manufacturing & procurement, government regulations & compliance and supply chain management.

For more information, contact:

Rita Spada

World Trade Center London

Phone:+44 203 440 4290

Email: rspada@worldtradecenterlondon.com



World Trade Center London New Legal Service Alliance: To Grow International Trade

World Trade Center London New Legal Service Alliance: To Grow International Trade

The World Trade Centre London’s domestic and International members consider the availability of specialist, cost effective and relevant legal support to be a crucial contribution to the successful outcome of extending their business beyond borders. It can be a real challenge, a nightmare for some, to be knee deep in developing relationships, negotiations and promoting products and services to know how to protect, negotiate, defend and secure the commercial deals being done So the decision to engage the right legal team who can help navigate and avoid the pitfalls in a new and foreign market is essential.   

The legislation and regulation of new countries can present a considerable barrier to decision makers and their senior managers. Often the risks are perceived to be such a threat that they avoid them altogether. So instead what could be a very viable business proposition with great potential to grow into new markets, develop new customers or even employ staff in that country never gets past the first goal post.  High on senior decision makers priority lists are concerns about how they can protect their intellectual property and associated commercial rights. The most common inquiry relates to the employment, concluding partnerships or distributorships and understanding the implications and conditions governing commercial contracts.

“I am delighted therefore that we have secured ASV Law as one of our “Go To” partners for our members and clients within our 1 Stop International Service Desk.” said Rita Spada, Chief Executive World Trade Centre London. “ASV Law are specialists in the media, technology and sports sectors which are key industries for the WTC London members.”

Simon Vumbaca, Managing Partner comments “ASV Law is proud to have been retained as the “go to partner” of legal services for the WTC London. As an international law firm trading from London we adhere to the WTC concept and initiative, we look forward in assisting foreign companies in their UK presence. We are also very pleased to continue assisting UK companies in their International expansion. We specialise in providing each case with the individual attention it deserves. Our experience has shown that there is absolutely nothing lucky about a victory. We work harder and smarter to get the job done. We leave nothing to chance. We never make assumptions. We operate on a global scale, acting for a broad spectrum of clients who all have the same goal: to achieve outstanding results. We consistently deliver; we defend, we prosecute, we litigate, we arbitrate and we negotiate, all with your continued success firmly in mind. We are renowned for winning with minimum fuss. Clients choose us because they know that with us results come first.

The WTC London decision to retain ASV Law also comes at very exciting times for us, as we launched legal packaged products, most at a fixed fee, precisely to assist Boards and decision makers in the assessment of the risks and exposure inevitably associated with international commerce.”   

 The World Trade Center London is one of 330 World Trade Center worldwide. A global network governed by the World Trade Center Association in New York. World Trade Centers (WTCs) represent a “one stop business service centre” that operate within iconic landmarks in the cities where they serve to “open doors” to companies that want to grow and develop trade beyond their local boundaries and borders.

Over 750000 business members worldwide, large and small, benefit from the deal making that is often the result of trade promotion, development and matchmaking services conducted every day globally by WTC’s. 


Beyond Boundaries : Growing Internationally Events Update

Destination Out : New markets Expanding Business into America, Asia, Africa, Middle East & Europe

May has been a busy month for visiting  new international markets on behalf of our members and clients .

    • Cote D’Ivoire 6-9 May
      Representing member clients and partners  I visited Abidjan 6-10 may to meet with the Ministers of Commerce, Infrastructure , Construction as well as Mayors and the Governor of the District. We discussed and progressed several specific projects related to Housing, infrastructure, construction,medical and education projects on behalf of  engaged WTC Clubs clients.
      I had the great opportunity to attend the Grand Re-Opening of the UK Embassy in Abidjan at the personal  invite of the Ambassador Claude Bouah-Kamon and his UK team. As part of the re-opening the Foreign Office Minister and Sir Henry Bellingham led a 15 strong UK business delegation that met with senior officials and all the Key Ministers. Wow was it hot, travelling to all the sites, I thought I would melt !!  (Message to self – Malaria tablets just do not agree with me!)

    • Kurdistan
      Returning only last week,  Ann accompanied with two clients  progressed a large commodity project and found a wealth of opportunities and need for our UK business partners in discussion with the Ministers, so much so they go back next week! (This time its their turn with the malaria tablets !)We will keep you posted on the opportunities in trade commodities, construction, infrastructure and related (and side effects of malaria tablets – if any).

    • WTC Singapore and Hong Kong
      Our introduction for one wealth and fund management member resulted in the successful purchase of a company in  Singapore!!


    Meet the President of the  Greater Richmond Inward Investment Group visiting London on June 13th. Gregg will discuss the personal free service available to all business wishing to consider setting up in Virginia, Richmond. Incentives, tax benefits and introduce you to potential customers and suppliers

    Over 8000 meetingswith 600 business in 3 days. In its 17th year in Lille. Futurallia track record in developing business is phenomenal within  international trade matchmaking. Only 2 hours by train you can arrange 12 appointments a day with business you wish to meet.

  • VC4Africa – June 22nd 6-9 at Blackfriars. Investors and new business  emerging  from or expanding into Africa

  • World Trade Center Hull & Humber
    They are hosting a multi sector trade mission to China and Poland; so please do contact them if you wish to participate or find out more.

Destination In :  Expanding into London

  • World Trade Center Montana
    The team visited London this week  with 6 business members who had introductory and follow up meetings to progress business development with partners and customers here in London. We discussed a wealth of opportunity  for our partners, members and clients in commodities i.e.Coal, wheat,silver, platinum to name a few as well as  technology and infrastructure.


  • World Trade Center Dulles (Washington)
    We have an exciting programme on technology companies which will include WTC Las Vegas

For further information or to inquire on how the World Trade Centers can help you grow your business contact one of our team; You are welcome to meet us at our offices at 200 Aldersgate, EC1A 4HD in City of London. Call us and make an appointment so we can be sure to meet you.
We have a smashing coffee and restaurant bar Caffe 200 and a “wow” business lounge if you are thinking of having meetings in the city, with a choice of 3 others in Marylebone, Greenwich and Grace Church. Our team is Aurelien Payne, Ann , John Rawlings, Rita Spada – call us on 0204 404290

What Can the World Trade Center Do for your Business?
  • access 750000 businesses across the globe through our 330 strong family of World Trade Centers
  • serviced and virtual offices in over 200 prime destinations
  • insight, expertise and practical support on how to grow your business worldwide
  • knowledge from leading universities, institutions and experts 
  • state of the art meeting and conference centres
Over 330 World Trade Centers in 98 countries represent a global membership network of the World Trade Center Association. A non-profit membership organisation established in 1969 to promote international business relationships. They serve to advantage businesses in conducting profitable international trade, enable communication among related businesses and build a supportive network, all as a means of bringing value to the city. As iconic or prominent landmarks they are the gathering place for businesses, agencies and players for the promotion of international commerce; they provide a convenient and premier international business address for business and tenants to use or occupy as they expand operations in new markets.
The newly established World Trade & Commerce Club London provides a business and social forum with services that opens doors and builds trade connections and opportunities with internationally based business parties and the UK region (London, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Hull and Humber). It provides visiting business and potential tenants with a prominent office address and through its trade services it facilitates a peer to peer network with companies, trade organisations and agencies to share best practices, build relationships, skills, knowledge and opportunities to increase international trade growth . 
www.worldtradecenterlondon.com ; www.wtcaonline.com ; join us at LinkedIn Groups World Trade Center Club London; www.facebook.com/wtccl; follow us on www.twitter.com/londonwtc

Futurallia 2012 17th International Business Matchmaking Forum

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After Belgium, Poland, Qatar and more recently Kansas City, Futurallia will take place at the heart of Europe.

The 17th edition of the international business development forum will be held in Lille France 27-29 June

Futurallia images REGISTER NOW

Futurallia is a unique and globally-recognised event. Futurallia Lille Region 2012 will offer small and medium size
businesses from different industry sectors, meetings in a business speed networking format that includes 600 companies
from 30 countries.
International Business Development Opportunities   DONT MISS THIS !

Over two days, this international business development event will give business leaders the opportunity to have up to
12 pre-scheduled, 30-minute, one-to-one meetings with partners of their choice.

image Futurallia Lille Region 2012 is a springboard toward establishing
new international business partnerships!  

In addition 

participants will have the opportunity to receive advice and help from international trade experts and set up informal meetings during the various networking events.


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Its good for business!!!

Export to US – New Regulation Reforms;Are You Compliant ? April 30 London

Understand the impact they will have on your company with practical, relevant and hands on explanations and advice from leading experts includes Deloittes, BCG and ITC on US Export Controls on Non-US Transactions at the 5th Annual conference with two seminars ; Hilton London Kensington .
 30 APR – 1 MAY:  “US Commercial Export Controls & Embargoes”
 2-3 MAY:  “US Defense Trade Controls”
Register online at http://www.learnexportcompliance.com/london2012 and select “Pay Later/Request Invoice” option. Insert Promo Code WTCL-10 in “promo code” block when prompted.